News and Current Affairs

As a journalist, I have relevant experience working in television, radio and online media. I have worked as a producer, director, reporter, radio host and video journalist for a wide range of international Media companies. Both reporting in English and Spanish, I have traveled Europe, from Portugal to Montenegro, reporting on a wide range of issues.

Some of previous clients include The Time Group and the ITV Network (India), Globovision, Kys Fm (Venezuela) and Actualidad Radio (Miami, USA). Ansible Tales has also produced, factual content for international channels such as ABC TV (Italy), Eurochannel France and BEN TV (the UK), and has given Media coverage of trade and technology fairs such as the IFA Berlin or the Mobile World Congress (Barcelona).

If you are a Media organisation interested in a cost-effective way of providing personalised news coverage in the UK and continental Europe, please drop me a line. Ansible Tales can also provide production and camera services for one off-projects (current affairs and documentaries, special reports, online content, etc.).

Reporting from Montenegro