There are powerful stories in this world that deserve to be told. I became a journalist for that very reason: to provide voice for the voiceless. It is my aim to look for these untold stories, to produce bold and ground breaking films for you and your audience. I truly believe that those tales have potential to inspire, to make you think and dream. Stories than can lead to positive global change.

I debuted as documentary filmmaker with the independent film “Island Fortress of Malta”, produced alongside my colleagues at ForecastMedia. A mixture between a historical and an observational documentary, we followed the steps of a war veteran returning to Malta for the 70th celebration of the George Cross Award Commemoration.

Since then, I have worked regularly in several films as DoP or editor. Currently, I am focused in the production of my new documentary: ‘A Game of Seeds: How do they play with your five a day?’. Mixing drama and documentary, the film aims to expose the shocking reality playing out in the global food power game.

If you’ve got a topic or story that deserves to be turned into a documentary, contact us form and I will get back to you to discuss your ideas.

John Alban, WWT London Wetland Centre