The power of the Ansible

Probably you are wondering, what on earth is an ansible? Is it one of this non-sense words invented by marketing experts? Is it the new ground-breaking audiovisual technology? The answer is no.

An ansible is a fictional machine, conceived by the writer Ursula K. Le Guin, capable of instantaneous communication over interstellar distances.

Basically, it would allow people in different planets to talk to each other even if they are separated by lightyears of void. Could you imagine yourself having a Skype call with somebody living in Cassiopeia? Well, you would then need an ansible for that.

That is why I decided to call my company Ansible Tales: My mission is to enable communication between you and your audience no matters where both of you are located. Maybe today is just the UK, but in the future, who knows? I want to help you to deliver your idea, to tell your story or your tale, in a compelling, original and cost-effective way.

Ansible Tales knows video inside and out, and understands how to make it work for your business. Drop me a line if you want to discover more about how Ansible Tales can hep you.


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