• Marsi Bionics crowdfunding video
    Marsi Bionics crowdfunding video
    I was responsible for the creation and development of the crowdfunding video ‘Pimp my robot’ for Marsi Bionic, filmed with children with special needs in Madrid. It featured in most of Spanish Media as well as in some International outlets.
  • The Wombats live at the O2 Brixton
    The Wombats live at the O2 Brixton
    Earlier this year, I had the chance of filming The Wombats at the O2 Brixton for an amazing live-streaming for Living Indie TV. A great concert!
  • Pure Isqh Commercial
    Pure Isqh Commercial
    I was lucky enough to work as an AD for the latest Pure Isqh’s TV commercial. We filmed it in 4K using my Panasonic GH4, a Metaboone Speedboster and Canon Cinema Prime Lenses. It was aired on ITV, Sky and some major Asian networks.
  • 4K Freeride at Porc, UK
    4K Freeride at Porc, UK
    On a rare sunny bank holiday, we headed to Porc Bike Park (Kent, England) to film some downhill mountain biking, with Matteo Rossetti.
  • NewsX (ITV Network, India) report from Montegro
    NewsX (ITV Network, India) report from Montegro
    I was sent to Montenegro last summer to interview the Indian businessman and cricket administrator Lalit Modi, after he was involved in a diplomatic controversy.
  • T.brush Kickstarter video
    T.brush Kickstarter video
    Ansible Tales produced the kickstarter video for T.brush, the damn coolest electric toothbrush in the world, by Ryan Donaghy.
  • Tech TV series (Ford of Europe)
    Tech TV series (Ford of Europe)
    Tech TV was one of my first projects and one of the most exciting ones as well! Alongside the Italian presenter Elisabetta Ferrero, we created a series of short videos for Ogilvy and Ford of Europe from some unbeatable locations: the IFA Berlin and the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona!
  • Guest lecture by Professor Nikolas Rose, ‘Mental Illness: Five Hard questions’
    Guest lecture by Professor Nikolas Rose, ‘Mental Illness: Five Hard questions’
    I acted as project manager, camera operator and editor in this multi-camera lecture alongside my colleagues at Forecast Media. It was given by Professor Nikolas Rose, one of the leading contemporary social scientist in the UK, at the University of Nottingham.
  • CHIC Featuring Nile Rodgers
    CHIC Featuring Nile Rodgers
    One of the best concerts I had the privilege to film for Living Indie. The Funk master: the great Nile Rodgers live at the Indigo at the O2.
  • WikiStage
    WikiStage is an ambitious project that aims to create ‘a video encyclopedia for the world’s most interesting questions’. I was responsible for the production and direction of promotional videos and online material, as well as for the editing of the conferences, at the start of the adventure in Paris. Ansible […]
  • Madrid in 4K
    Madrid in 4K
    To test the Panasonic GH4, I went on a short trip to my hometown to have a look at the potential of the 4K Cinematography.
  • Island Fortress of Malta
    Island Fortress of Malta
    A mixture between a historical and an observational documentary,’The Island Fortress of Malta’ was my debut as a documentary filmmaker and my first project working along my colleagues at Forecast Media. Here you can see the teaser we did for the TV version.
  • News assignment for Times Now
    News assignment for Times Now
    This is one of the several reports I have done for the TV channel Times Now (The Times Group India). On this occasion, my aim was to expose some Indian ministers who were enjoying a luxurious junket trip in Europe.
  • Panasonic GH4 slow motion test
    Panasonic GH4 slow motion test
    This is a slow motion test I recorded in the Isle of Wight (the UK), Croatia, and London. I was interested in the potential of filming at 96fps and I was keen to check how well the GH4 could cope with different light conditions when doing so.
  • Meryem & Saeed wedding
    Meryem & Saeed wedding
    This is the trailer of one the latest weddings I covered with the guys at ImagineStudio.
  • Multimedia technician (live-streaming, electronic music)
    Multimedia technician (live-streaming, electronic music)
    I have worked as a multimedia technician on a number of multi-camera live streaming concerts for a wide range of DJs and electronic music producers in the UK. My responsibilities include rigging and de-rigging audiovisual equipment, video mixing and camera operating (robotic & manned cams).
  • Headspace (Online video)
    Headspace (Online video)
    This is one example of the online training series I filmed for Headspace, with the meditation guru Andy Puddicombe.
  • TEDx ESCP Paris
    TEDx ESCP Paris
    In 2012 I had the chance to film to some ‘ideas worth spreading’ at the TEDxESCP event in Paris. I produced several promotional videos and online content for them, as well as the final version of the conferences.
  • Thalles Roberto European tour
    Thalles Roberto European tour
    This is a little segment of the concert given by the Brazilian artist Thalles Roberto in London, as part of his European tour, on August 2013. I acted as project manager and director, being responsible for the production and filming of the live multi-camera concert in London.
  • Shine the light
    Shine the light
    Promo video filmed in ‘Terminal Studios'(London) for the album ‘One Shot At Redemption’ by ‘Hungry and the Hunted’.
  • Trends in London (Tv Pilot)
    Trends in London (Tv Pilot)
    Elisabetta Ferrero and I designed a pilot for the TV show Trends in London, a lifestyle programme in which we explored the ‘hottest’ trends in the British Capital. The format was sold to the Italian channel ABC TV.
  • A hole in your heart (Music Video)
    A hole in your heart (Music Video)
    Ansible Tales produced and directed a surreal low-budget music video for the rock & roll band ‘Hungry and the Hunted’. Filmed at Frank’s cafe (Peckham) and in the south east of London.
  • Tony Benn interview for ELL
    Tony Benn interview for ELL
    I had the incredible chance to produce an interview with the former politician Tony Benn on the 25/11/2010 for Eastlondonlines.
  • Urban Flow (TV show)
    Urban Flow (TV show)
    This is a little example of the TV show “Urban Flow”, in which I worked as a producer and director in 2011/12. My duties included the direct selection and control of the content and style, the management of technical and creative teams and the overseeing of both TV and online […]
  • The Cable: The pursuit of happiness
    The Cable: The pursuit of happiness
    “Better than Sex, better than heroin, and without side effects”. This is The Cable, a new drug that is starting to enter in the UK and is spreading all over the world. The mockumentary explores the life of Roy Brown, a cable addict in London, and his everlasting search of […]